DRC : Chinese Ambassador praises Huawei’s merits and denounces the demonization campaign against this company

KINSHASA, December 14, 2020 MNCTVCONGO—— Invited to the ceremony marking the opening of the 5th edition of the education program “Seeds for future” or (Seeds for the future) organized by the Huawei company DRC, the Ambassador of China in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zhu Jing, denounced the “campaign of demonization and politicization” that this Chinese company is undergoing.

It was after having praised the merits of this company specializing in the digital industry. According to Zhu Jing, as a Huawei customer, “One thing that is striking when you visit this company is the multipolar culture. It is an open and inclusive environment. At Huawei, you can find employees, young people of all nationalities from around the world. It is a global village and we see in its employees a state of mind which seeks a dynamic, which seeks to surpass itself beyond its capacities, a collective state of mind ”.

For him, “this is what explains the success of the Huawei Company, which is a very young Company, which has been there for nearly 30 years and which has managed to strengthen itself despite the campaign of Demonization and politicization against it”.

The Chinese diplomat went further to reveal “that today in the world, there are people who seek to recreate the Cold War, who seek to create hostilities between Nations”.

Despite all this, he thinks, “the future of the world, historical good sense is always cooperation, it is always the search for dialogue, the search for inclusiveness which will found our better future” .

Believing that the year 2020 has changed a lot of things in everyone’s life, especially because of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, Mr. Zhu Jing thinks despite all these problems, there are always solutions. And the solution is found in technological and scientific innovation.

Referring to the cooperation between his country is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Chinese ambassador said that since the normalization of bilateral relations between the two countries, China is putting everything forward, its investment in the DRC in terms of vocational training and human ressources. That is, she not only offers things or fish, but teaches her friends to fish. It therefore helps its partner the DRC to improve its own development capacities.

It is in this logic, he specifies, that Chinese companies established in the DRC, in particular Huawei DRC, are working in the country. He also encouraged and appreciated Huawei’s initiative, the “Seeds for the Future” program and encouraged participants, Chinese and Congolese, to take the opportunity to strengthen human ties and to think together on new avenues of cooperation, because the future of Sino-Congolese cooperation, he stressed, belongs to the youth.

Steve Wembi / Investigative reporter.

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